Back to life business partners are willing to work for you, build your business, cut your costs help you get back on track!

Our Mission and vision to rebuild and revitalise your business

Grow your business with back to life!

The idea is simple we don't charge unless you save money or earn money threw our actions, NO WIN NO FEE BASIS. You've only to gain being we are working this way, other consultancy firms will charge  just for speaking we believe this is wrong especially if your company is struggling, old school motto only pay for what weve worked for. Back to Life business partners have people who have worked for various company's such as Gas, Electric, Phone, we are experienced in Marketing and Sales, all this has given us a wealth of knowledge to wit were so confident, we actually are willing to work on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS. That's right essentially we are willing to offer our services and work with your company. Our Goal will be to either bring you more business, save you money on your bills and or stock purchases, cut your costs, this has a very broad range as mentioned experienced people in lots of fields. All we ask is invite one of our partners into your company and discuss what you would like for your future. We can work in any genre of business, we are adaptive modern with a firm grip on what it takes to make a business succesful. Do you have a portfolio of customers? but just don't have the time to call them! get them back threw your doors, we can manage this on your behalf, sometimes it's just a case of calling previous clients and reminding them of the past service you have given them!, all we would ask is a small share per paying customer or a percentage on savings you've made threw our advise or actions. How is your marketing campaign going? advertising in the right place for your business, with our experience we can check this. Paying to much for certain services or buying stock from the right suppliers, we have expert negotiations people who are on hand to answer these questions for you. Help you in future decisions. Would you be willing to share a percentage of savings made on your behalf? If so you definitely could be on the right track. Our aim is a overall insight into you and your business and will endeavour to look at the full picture. We don't earn if you don't earn so as you can imagine all advise given will be given under a mutual benefit scenario! Making your business more profitable in all things possible is how we aim to thrive.


Richard Johnson

Target audiences at Back To Life Business Partners, small and or new companies established business's sole traders self employed people and partnerships who need help to rebuild and revitalise

It doesn't matter what genre of Business, we are interested in hearing from yourselves accountancy firm, stables, mechanics garage, cleaning firm, big blue chip company to the local shop all welcome we would love to hear your story.